Loving Qubies!

•December 27, 2009 • 1 Comment

If you’re looking for a hassle free, no fuss way to make your babies food, Qubies are definitely the answer!
The chic design is a lot easier than filling ice cube trays, instead the portions of food are separated by the silicone separators in the lid. Each cube comes out as a perfect 30ml size.
There is a max fill line so you know where to fill to, and its just a matter of putting the lid on, freezing, then giving the strong plastic body a twist to free the cubes. Pop them into anohter container and you `have quick healthy food for your baby. I have found due to the size of the cubes of food, frozen to eating temp is less than 15 seconds heating, which is a total bonus for me with my 2 kiddies.
Another thing I really like about qubies are that theyre really compact. Think about the size of a ruler, with more depth. I only have a little freezer so having such little space taken up is ideal.
I would say Qubies are a must have for mums who plan on making their own food for bub. The benefits of owning one are never ending, even after the baby food stage you’ll find great ways to use your Qubie. My favourite alternative use is for perfect portion sizes of berry compote.
They make a great baby shower gift!
Check out Qubies at http://qubies.com.au/ and become a fan on facebook http://www.facebook.com/#/Qubies?ref=ts

Supporting Mumpreneurs

•September 25, 2009 • 1 Comment

If I think back two and  half years ago when I had my son, I knew very little about the world of online shopping.

Since moving down to Christchurch and joining sites like http://www.mumsontop.co.nz,  http://www.connect2mums.com.au   and   http://www.skouttradefair.com  , I have been sitting in awe learning about how many ‘mumpreneurs’, there are.

These hard working mums have spent hours, weeks, months, even years, putting together their dream stores and beautiful products.

 Being an avid Twitterer I have been lucky enough to follow a lot of these women as their stock arrives, new lines are created and their sites launched. I am so proud to be able to see the fierce dedication and adoration these women have for their companies.
The women from http://www.bellybeyond.co.nz did a wonderful story on ‘loving your brand’. They revealed they are so in love with their brand and what it means to them, they got their beautiful logo designed by Saffron Clark at http://imaginecreative.viewbook.com/ tattooed on their shoulders. To be able to consider many of these women friends, is a true priviledge.

The thing that touches me the most is that of course it is a competitive market out there, but so many of these mumpreneurs band together to support each other, praise each other, celebrate with each other and shop from each others stores.

I no longer shop at generic chain stores. I rather purschase goods that have been specially selected by someone who understands a mothers needs. Someone who sits up at night after putting the kids to bed sewing, someone who eagerly awaits their stocks arrival, proud to open the box and see their logo they dreamed of for nights on end inside on their products.
I feel everyone should shop from Mumpreneurs. You can always be assured you will be buying quality products that will be loved by you and your children.

My Smart Child ~ The best place for Childrens books!!

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Has anyone else noticed how ridiculously expensive quality childrens books have become? My Smart Child are different.

They have a huge range of gorgeous books for a fraction of the price you pay at a bookstore. Its great to see that children of all ages are catered for, everything from ‘In the Night Garden’ to the great ‘Fun with Phonics’ educational books, are available.

My favourite deal My Smart Child has is 3 favourites for $20 including titles such as Wombat Stew, Time for Bed and Bertie and the Bear.  When I was little,  I read Wombat Stew every night I stayed at my Grandmas, and I think theres something very special about sharing a beloved part of your childhood with your own babies. 

They even have a special offer for Sydney dwellers where you can host a book party, with amazing perks and treats!

I reccomend purchasing some of the gorgeous books My Smart Child have on offer, I find with my kids a favourite story and cuddles trumps a new toy anyday.


Sites for Bubba ~ Best Online Stores

•July 30, 2009 • 1 Comment

This is a hard one. I could probably fill up a whole site on great stores, and I probably will!

The thing I have found since I have had my second child is that shopping with 2 kids, especially when one is peaking (Hopefully!!)  in his terrible twos, is NOT FUN. Its a pain wrangling them into the car, trapsing through the shops… I have a new best friend, called a Visa Debit card!

Of course, my site recommendations posts will be added to over time, but here are my first round of favourites!

www.bellybeyond.co.nz ~ Belly Beyond is great! I bought an ECOtanka off them (hear more about that later!) and the service is so fast and easy. They stock everything from breastfeeding pumps to nightlights, and everything in between! Everything is very reasonably priced, the highest of quality, and they offer free delivery for all orders over $150. My next purchase from Belly Beyond is going to be an amber teething necklace, just trying to choose a colour!

www.scamps.co.nz ~ Scamps is your one stop shop for cloth nappies! They have a HUGE range, including the Nudey! Rudey! brand that I use. Their service again is fast and reliable, run by a mother of two wee ones, she knows whats best for babies! The theme you will notice with Scamps is eco friendlyness, a huge range of products that you and the earth will love! Scamps doesnt just stock nappies, take your time to have a look around and see whats on offer. I purchased some silky soft hemp breast pads from them that I cant go anywhere without. Buying resuable has saved a LOT of money! 


www.lovemum.com.au ~ Love Mum is a great blend of the creme de la creme of unique designer products from various makers, combined with their own special products you wont find anywhere else, such as a cute portable breastfeeding pillow that can double as a handbag! I have a Lila and May Snuggle pod from them and I am madly in love with it, as is Baby G! They also stock ingenious “tat your Tot” tattoos, which states “if im lost please phone my mum on XXX” how cute is that! The website is a real treat to visit, easy to navigate, easy to spend to get lost in as you admire their huge range!

www.babyjo.com.au ~ looking for scrumptious affordable bamboo baby clothing? This is THE place to be! I have a blanket from Babyjo, its too cute for words (hear more about this later)! The best thing is the dedication and passion the manager of Babyjo is. Your customer satisfaction is her upmost concern. I was given tips on how to care for my blanket, completely allieviating all my worries, as I didnt own bamboo products besides nappy inserts. Babyjos pyjamas are so adorable, very “Kung Fu Panda” esque. You wont find products like babyjos elsewhere!

www.agoo.com.au ~ You initially look at the Agoo clothing and fall in love with it because it is simply adorable. But then you fall even more in love with it as you read about the greater purpose of them. It is so incredibly easy to get skin damage due to UV rays nowdays. Even when the weather isnt looking too flash hot, you can still do damage. Every year it seems to get worse and worse with the Ozone layer thinning out. Imagine the pain it would cause your child to be burnt. Agoo clothing is made from a specially designed fabric that has a UV finish that blocks out those nasties from reaching your babys skin. It doesnt “wear off”. The HUGE range of clothes are great for running around in, as they wick away moisture, and are extremely durable. The customer service is excellent, the range, stunning.

If you are the ultimate window shopper, and want to see who has what, www.babybites.co.nz and www.minigaga.com.au are the places you need to be! They are great directories full of the hottest products from the big wide world of online shopping!

More will be added as I spot and shop with them!

Great Websites For Mama

•July 14, 2009 • 3 Comments

I’ll be constantly updating this, but I wanted to post all the great websites I’m a member of that are great for Mum to be part of.

www.mumsontop.co.nz is GREAT! Ive been a part of Mums on Top for about a year now. Its basically a social network, kind of like facebook, for Mums (and a few dads too!)

Its truly been a godsend for me. I joined after I left my old life in Auckland and moved to Christchurch. I was feeling really isolated and lonely and I didn’t have any Mum friends. I felt an instant sense of belonging at Mumsontop. I started making lots of friends, and it wasnt long before a few of us decided to meet up and start a coffee group! My Coffee group friends are my best friends, and I have www.mumsontop.co.nz to thank for them. I have heaps of online friends too, and MoT is my first port of call when I need advice.

www.girlstoys.co.nz is awesome. Its another network, for contemporary mums. It has heaps of great tips about social media which is updated weekly, which is great for all of you on twitter and facebook and those running blogs/websites.

Girlstoys also has the latest downlow on the coolest gadgets, and a huge array of reviews of fab products, oh and of course, a flurry of awesome giveaways! This site is run with #RSG, real social girls. Every month RSG have a twitter party, which is so so much fun, lots of competitions and a great opportunity to network and meet some more people.

Another site Im totally in love with is www.floozy.co.nz, who have the most DIVINE products. Everything is gorgeous, high quality and very unique. I find its great for when I need to do some retail therapy but cant get the kids organised to get out of the house, and with very quick free delivery NZ wide, its cheaper than driving! The sales are incredible and word is a whole new lot of stock is making its way to Floozy! Remember to sign up and become a member for a 10% discount! So if like me, you like to look chic and get great quality products, become a Floozy girl!

Floozy ~ Baby Bags you’ll love~ CRAZY SALE

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I’m sure you’ve seen those $200 hideous bags that look like they could double as a Nannas carry on luggage.

Well guess what? I have just ordered the most DEVINE nappy bag, and I can use it as a handbag when Im by myself and still look chic!

Floozy have the most amazing selection of unique designer bags, the one Ive ordered comes with a change mat and zipped wet bag too!  Best still they are on SALE!! I just got mine for $55.90, then because Im a devout floozy lover and had subscribed to the newsletter earlier I got a further 10% off! Less than $50 for a leather trimmed beautiful bag, with FREE SHIPPING in New Zealand, how can you resist!

Expect updates on this, in the meantime, check it out for yourself! http://www.floozy.co.nz/view/collections/the%2Bsale%2Bcollection

Theres a lot more than just baby bags at Floozy too!

Unido Sling -the Einstein of slings!

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The first person I ever saw a wearing a sling was Angelia Jolie, and I fell in love with it.

Seeing a baby so content, so peaceful, and a beautiful Mama with two free hands was immediately appealing to me. I was determined that I was going to have a sling, and spent a lot of time trying to decide which style was best for me.

I chose Unido, because of its simplicity and versatility. I had explored the wrap style slings, and was bamboozled as to how I was going  to get myself and Miss G into it by myself in the middle of a carkpark while Mr 2 is waiting. The Unido Sling is perfect as it is just a matter of slipping it over your shoulder and popping your baby in. Its near on impossible to screw up, as the only thing to remember is to ensure the seam is in line with your belly button and that bubs bottom is sitting on it! From there you can move the sling over to go on your side, have baby tummy to tummy, sitting up, the choice is yours! You can generally use a sling up until the age of two, if youre up for it! If you ever find yourself wondering if youre ‘doing it right’, www.unido.co.nz has a comprehensive guide, and lots of photos of other Mamas like you wearing them!

Ive found Miss G sleeps best in the sling, and stays so warm. Its perfect for if you have a lot of errands to run, because you not only have two free hands, but a more content baby = more time to do what you need to. Another huge drawcard for me was the simple fact I couldnt afford/didnt want a double pram. I can’t be bothered trying to pull a McGyver and set up a double pram because I want to go pay the phone bill. The Unido sling folds up and fits in my handbag! Plus being a one income family, we don’t have the ability to  purchase something that costs hundreds,when the Unido solution is right there.

Oh and have I mentioned its customisable and sized to fit you? Unido have a huge selection of beautiful fabrics so you can tailor it to reflect you! I have Chaise with tan, and I am constantly getting complients. I literally have people stop me in the street asking me where they can get one. Mr B is getting his own kiddie sling, because even he wants one!

Check out www.unido.co.nz and get your very own one!